The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night

The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night


Finding the perfect restaurant for a romantic date night in a bustling city like Tokyo can seem like a daunting task. With so many dining options to choose from, it’s important to select a venue that sets just the right mood. The ambiance, food, and overall experience should leave you and your date pampered and create memories beyond the evening.

This article will explore some of the 6 best romantic restaurants in Tokyo, perfect for a couples’ night out. We’ll look at the unique ambiance each venue provides, signature dishes and drinks not to be missed, and any special features that make them stand out. By the end, you’ll have a shortlist of exquisite restaurants to sweep your date off their feet during your next night on the town.

Do read the People Also Ask (FAQs) about this topic.

Key Takeaway

RestaurantLocationAmbianceSignature Dishes/DrinksSpecial Features
New York BarShinjukuSophisticated, glamorous art deco interior with live jazz musicGrilled ribeye steak, cream tagliatelle with truffles, creative cocktailsStunning views of Tokyo skyline, drinks prepared tableside by bartenders
TENKU LOUNGESolamachi TOP of TREEChic lounge 107m up with panoramic skyline viewsCraft cocktails and shared platesThe outdoor terrace overlooks the Solamachi courtyard
Pierre GagnaireANA Intercontinental HotelSleek, modern interior with pops of colorInventive French tasting menusFloor-to-ceiling views of Tokyo’s cityscape
Hacienda Del CieloDaikanyamaColorful Mexican decor with festive lights, outdoor terraceFajitas, ceviche, guacamole prepared tablesideAuthentic Mexican cuisine and cocktails in a lively fiesta atmosphere
Bistronomy TowersRitz Carlton TokyoElegant interior with plush velvet seating, marble surfacesHokkaido scallops with black truffle, Wagyu beef tenderloinLive piano music, views of Tokyo Tower
TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAIShibakoenOrnate traditional Japanese decorMulticourse kaiseki dinner showcasing delicate tofu dishesTranquil gardens, sake pairings
The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo – Key Takeaways

The Importance of Ambiance for a Date Night

Ambiance is key when selecting the perfect date-night restaurant. The setting provides those extra touches that make the evening feel magical. Intimate lighting, elegant décor, and even live music can transform a meal into a truly romantic experience.

Tokyo is filled with restaurants that pay meticulous attention to crafting one-of-a-kind environments. From jazz clubs that transport you back in time to chic lounges high above the city, there are venues tailored for every romantic aesthetic. When planning the ideal date night, be sure to consider restaurants with an ambiance that reflects your style as a couple. The location should complement your desired mood and enrich the overall experience.

The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo

  1. New York Bar at Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku
  2. TENKU LOUNGE at the TOP of TREE in Solamachi
  3. Pierre Gagnaire at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo
  4. Hacienda Del Cielo in Daikanyama
  5. Bistronomy Towers at Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Restaurant 1: New York Bar at Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku

New York Bar at Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
The New York Bar at Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku is an iconic destination, renowned for its panoramic city views, sophisticated ambiance, and world-class cocktails. Perched high above Tokyo, it gained international fame as a setting for the film “Lost in Translation.”

Arguably one of the most famous bars in Tokyo, the New York Bar provides a sophisticated and glamorous backdrop for an intimate date night. As the name implies, the interior reflects the Art Deco styling of 1930s New York.

Against stunning views of the Tokyo skyline, the live jazz band fills the bar with energetic yet romantic melodies late into the evening. The black and white photographs, granite columns, and dramatic lighting give the space a luxe, metropolitan vibe. Prepare to feel transported to another era.

In addition to cocktails, the bar menu features dishes like grilled ribeye steak and cream tagliatelle with truffles for sharing over conversation. For the ultimate luxury, opt to sit at the bar to watch bartenders put on a show preparing their creative concoctions. With low lighting, smooth live music, and views overlooking the glittering city below, the New York Bar sets the scene for romance.

Working hours: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm (drink last order) *9:30 pm for food last order
Address:  3-7-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 163-1055 
Telephone: +81 3 5323 3458

Restaurant 2: TENKU LOUNGE at the TOP of TREE in Solamachi

TENKU LOUNGE at the TOP of TREE in Solamachi - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
TENKU LOUNGE at the TOP of TREE in Solamachi offers a breathtaking experience, providing stunning views of Tokyo Skytree and the cityscape. This elevated lounge is a perfect blend of modern elegance and natural beauty.

For thrill-seeking couples, SOLAMACHI’s TENKU LOUNGE at the TOP of TREE provides romance with an adrenaline kick. After being whisked up 107 meters in Japan’s fastest elevator, couples reach this lounge perched high above Tokyo.

The bar offers panoramic views of the cityscape stretching out in all directions. Whether seated at the bar or along the windows, couples can soak in vistas of Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and beyond over craft cocktails and shared plates. For an even bigger rush, make a toast on the open-air terrace, which soars over Solamachi’s courtyard. TENKU LOUNGE’s mix of sleek interior and sky-high thrills make for an unforgettable date night.

Working hours:
Lunch 11:00 ~ 16:00 (last order 15:00 Food / Drink 15:30)
Dinner 17:00 ~ 23:00 (last order Food 22:00 / Drink 22:30) 
Address: 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi 31F 
Telephone: 03-5809-7377 

Restaurant 3: Pierre Gagnaire at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

Pierre Gagnaire at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
Pierre Gagnaire at ANA Intercontinental Tokyo is a culinary haven where Chef Gagnaire’s innovative French cuisine meets Tokyo’s vibrant culinary scene. The restaurant promises an exquisite dining experience with a fusion of artistic presentation and delectable flavors.

For a futuristic ambiance with avant-garde tones, Pierre Gagnaire provides a sleek and modern environment. The dark interior juxtaposed with pops of crimson and orchids creates an air of romantic mystery. Set along the top floors of the glamorous ANA Intercontinental, floor-to-ceiling windows showcase sprawling views of Tokyo’s dazzling cityscape.

As a three-Michelin-star restaurant, Pierre Gagnaire offers couples an over-the-top romantic experience through its tasting menus. Expect creative spins on French cuisine like Hokkaido sea urchin with caviar jelly or slow-cooked abalone with sake. Each artful dish surprises the palate, providing plenty of conversation starters over the multiple courses. With mood lighting, smooth jazz, and glittering skyline views, Pierre Gagnaire melds romance with high-end luxury.

Working hours:
Lunch 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Dinner 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (L.O.)
Closed on Mondays.
Address: ANA InterContinental 1-12-33, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan 
Telephone: 03-3505-9505 (10:00a.m.~9:30p.m.)

Restaurant 4: Hacienda Del Cielo in Daikanyama

Hacienda Del Cielo in Daikanyama - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
Hacienda Del Cielo in Daikanyama offers a delightful blend of Mexican cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere. This restaurant provides an elevated dining experience, allowing patrons to savor authentic flavors while enjoying the charming surroundings of Daikanyama.

For a more playful take on romance, Hacienda Del Cielo brings the vibes of Mexico to Tokyo. The colorful textiles, hand-painted walls, and strings of festive lights create a warm, lively environment for couples. Your dinner date will feel like a fiesta for two.

Out on the terrace under the open sky, the mood feels even more pleasant and relaxing. Take your margaritas outside to enjoy the fresh air and fairy lights as you laugh over authentic Mexican dishes. Favorites include the perfectly charred fajitas sizzling on a cast iron skillet and the refreshing ceviche piled with fresh fish, citrus, and avocado. Don’t miss the table-side made guacamole, prepared right beside your table for an interactive culinary experience.

The friendly staff and laidback music enhance the spirited ambiance. Hacienda Del Cielo brings Mexico’s vibrant culture to Tokyo for a unique date night with flavors and fun.

Working hours: as of May 1st, 2020 – 11:30-20:00(L.O drink 19:00/food 19:30)
Address: 〒150-0033 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Sarugakucho, 10−1, Mansard Daikanyama, 9F
Telephone: 03-5457-1521 
PDF Link:

Restaurant 5: Bistronomy Towers at Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Bistronomy Towers at Ritz Carlton Tokyo - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
Bistronomy Towers at Ritz Carlton Tokyo presents a culinary haven with a sophisticated blend of bistro-style dining and panoramic views. Elevating the dining experience, this establishment combines exquisite flavors with a luxurious ambiance, offering guests an unforgettable culinary journey high above Tokyo.

For a restaurant with mood and views, the elegant Bistronomy Towers at Ritz Carlton Tokyo sets an upscale ambiance. Perched on the top floor of the glamorous Ritz Carlton, floor-to-ceiling windows showcase Tokyo Tower and the city’s skyline.

Inside, the interior exudes refined luxury with plush velvet seating, marble surfaces, and soft lighting. Live piano music fills the dining room, setting a graceful tone. Couples can toast over champagne and cocktails before savoring contemporary French cuisine. Standout dishes include Hokkaido scallops with black truffle and Wagyu beef tenderloin paired with red wine. With its haute cuisine, piano melodies, and Tokyo Tower vistas, Bistronomy Towers provides sophisticated elegance.

Working hours: Breakfast:7:00~10:30, Lunch:11:30~16:00 (L.O. 15:00), Dinner:17:30~22:30 (L.O. 21:00)
Address: 9-7-1 The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo 45F, Akasaka, Minato 107-6245 Tokyo Prefecture
Telephone: +81 3-6434-8711

Restaurant 6: TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAI, Shibakoen

TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAI, Shibakoen - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAI in Shibakoen is a serene culinary retreat renowned for its exquisite tofu-based dishes. Nestled amidst traditional Japanese gardens, this restaurant offers an authentic experience where the art of tofu preparation is elevated to new heights, captivating both the palate and senses.

For couples seeking traditional Japanese beauty, TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAI transports diners back to the Edo period. Located alongside an idyllic Japanese garden, the restaurant interior reflects ornate traditional décor with tatami seating, paper screens, and ikebana flower arrangements.

Guests can first take a stroll through the tranquil garden before their kaiseki meal. The multicourse dinner features delicate dishes like sashimi, simmered vegetables, and fluffy Japanese omelets infused with sake. Between courses, sip on sakes specially paired to complement each dish. The traditional culture of TOKYO SHIBA TOFUYA UKAI amidst its zen gardens and temples creates a uniquely Japanese date night.

Working hours: 
Weekdays 11:45-14:30 LO | 17:00-22:00 (19:00 LO)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00~22:00(19:00 LO)
Address:  4-4-13, Shibakoen, Minato 105-0011 Tokyo Prefecture
Telephone: 03-3436-1028

I know there are many places in a romantic restaurant for couples to take pictures but if you love to visit places in Tokyo to take lovely pictures then you must check out these 8 Best Places To Take Pictures In Tokyo.

Bonus 1: Enoshima Island Spa, Fujisawa

Enoshima Island Spa, Fujisawa - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
Enoshima Island Spa in Fujisawa is a coastal haven of relaxation, featuring panoramic views of the ocean and the iconic Enoshima Island. This spa offers a perfect blend of rejuvenating treatments, hot spring baths, and tranquil surroundings, providing a serene escape from the bustling city life.

After winning and dining at one of Tokyo’s finest restaurants, extend your romantic evening with a couples’ retreat to Enoshima Island Spa. This spa is uniquely located along the waterfront cliffs of Enoshima Island, a short train ride from Tokyo.

The sprawling onsen space allows couples to unwind together in relaxing hydrotherapy pools facing the ocean. The spa amenities also include traditional Japanese massages, reflexology treatments, and zen rock bathing experiences. Spend the evening enveloped in relaxation while soaking in the tranquil seaside scenery. End your date night in true bliss.

Working hours: Open every day, time differs depending on season. 
Address: Enoshima 2-1-6, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 251-0036
Telephone: +81 (0)466-29-0688

Bonus 2: Joël Robuchon Le Château in Ebisu

Joël Robuchon Le Château in Ebisu - The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Tokyo For A Perfect Night
Joël Robuchon Le Château in Ebisu is a culinary gem offering a sophisticated dining experience. With its elegant ambiance and exquisite French cuisine crafted by the late legendary chef Joël Robuchon, it stands as a testament to culinary excellence in the heart of Tokyo.

Joël Robuchon Le Château is a fine dining restaurant located in the Ebisu neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan. It is one of several establishments owned by renowned French chef Joël Robuchon.

The restaurant occupies a quiet, secret location inside a nondescript office building, adding an air of exclusivity. Yet inside, guests are transported by the elegant décor which features lofty ceilings, plush textures, and sophisticated lighting.

Le Château serves contemporary French cuisine crafted from the finest seasonal ingredients. Signature dishes from the tasting menus include Le Caviar Imperial served with king crab and cauliflower cream, Le Homard bleu poached in a seaweed butter emulsion, and Le Château Tokyo — a recreation of Robuchon’s famous mashed potatoes with butter and truffle.

Working hours: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Address:1-13-1 Mita Inside Ebisu Garden Place, Meguro 153-0062 Tokyo Prefecture
Telephone: +81 3-5424-1338


Tokyo dazzles couples with its blend of traditional romance and cosmopolitan flair. From the tranquil gardens of the Imperial Palace to the neon-lit streets of Shibuya, there are dream date spots tucked around every corner. Whether you want to feel like royalty at an elegant kaiseki restaurant or get playful over margaritas in a lively Mexican cantina, Tokyo has a diverse array of venues to charm your date. Make sure to keep the ambiance, signature dishes, and special features in mind when selecting where to take your sweetheart. Extend the evening with a relaxing couples’ massage or thrilling city views high above it all.

With such exquisite and one-of-a-kind restaurants, Tokyo undoubtedly remains one of the world’s most enchanting cities for couples. So hold your date’s hand, set out into the streets, and let Tokyo work its magic as you enjoy an extraordinary night out devoted just to the two of you.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q) What is the most romantic place in Tokyo?

A) Some of the most romantic places in Tokyo include:

  • Imperial Palace East Gardens – Beautiful gardens perfect for a stroll
  • Tokyo Tower – Iconic tower with views of the city at night
  • Odaiba Waterfront – Relaxing spot to walk along the bay
  • Shinjuku Gyoen – Large park popular for cherry blossom viewing
  • Asakusa Area – Charming old town with temples and shops

Q) What is the hot and spicy street in Tokyo?

A) Harajuku’s Takeshita Street is known as Tokyo’s hot, spicy, and trendy street filled with boutiques, crepe stands, and purikura photo booths. The youth culture and fashion is on display here.

Q) What kind of restaurant is Tokyo Tokyo?

A) Tokyo Tokyo is an izakaya-style restaurant, which is a casual Japanese gastropub serving small plates to share over drinks.

Q) What is the most popular type of restaurant in Japan?

A) Sushi restaurants are the most popular type of restaurant in Japan. From casual conveyor belt sushi to high-end omakase menus, sushi is a quintessential dining experience.

Q) Where to kiss in Japan?

A) Some romantic spots for kissing in Japan include:

  • Ferris Wheel at Odaiba Palette Town
  • Rainbow Bridge at night
  • Tokyo Tower observation deck
  • Shibuya Crossing
  • Yoyogi Park

Q) What is the most romantic place in Japan?

A) Some top romantic destinations in Japan include:

  • Naoshima Island – Art islands with galleries and nature
  • Kawaguchiko – Mt. Fuji views and hot springs
  • Hakone – Natural hot springs with valley and lake views
  • Kyoto – Shrines, zen gardens, and cherry blossoms
  • Hokkaido – Snowy countryside perfect for cozying up

Q) What is a Tokyo Girl bar?

A) A Tokyo girl bar is a type of bar in Japan staffed with female bartenders who dress in maid costumes and interact with customers. They provide conversation and entertainment.

Q) What are red light districts in Tokyo?

A) The main red light districts in Tokyo are Kabukicho in Shinjuku and Soapland in Yoshiwara. They are adult entertainment and nightlife areas with various services.

Q) What food is Shibuya famous for?

A) Shibuya is famous for its trendy casual restaurants and takeout food like conveyor belt sushi, karate fried chicken, ramen shops, curry houses, and sausage stands.

Q) What food is Tokyo famous for?

A) Tokyo is famous for sushi, ramen, yakitori, sukiyaki, tempura, kaiseki ryori, and its world-class international cuisine.

Q) How much is dinner in Tokyo?

A) The average cost of dinner for two people in Tokyo at a mid-range restaurant is 6,000 to 15,000 yen ($50-$120 USD). High-end restaurants or sushi can cost 20,000-30,000 yen ($160-$240 USD) per person.

Q) Can you eat on the Tokyo Subway?

A) Yes, it is permitted to eat and drink on the Tokyo subway system. Many locals consume snacks and drinks, especially during long commutes. But eating full meals is not recommended.

Q) What are the top 3 foods in Japan?

A) The top 3 most popular foods in Japan are:

  1. Sushi
  2. Ramen
  3. Tempura

Q) What are the 2 most popular foods in Japan?

A) The 2 most popular foods in Japan are sushi and ramen. Sushi is considered Japan’s national dish, while ramen is a beloved comfort food with regional styles.

Q) What are the top 3 most popular foods in Japan?

A) The top 3 most popular foods in Japan are:

  1. Sushi
  2. Ramen
  3. Tempura

Sushi, ramen, and tempura make up the food trifecta representing Japanese cuisine. You can find these dishes everywhere from street food stalls to high-end restaurants.

Q) Is Tokyo a romantic city?

A) Yes, Tokyo offers many romantic sites and experiences for couples such as Tokyo Tower, river cruises, Roppongi Hills date spots, train hotel rooms, and cherry blossom season.

Q) Which city in Japan has beautiful girls?

A) There are beautiful women across Japan, but some cities known for style and beauty include Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. Harajuku in Tokyo is a hotspot for youth fashion and culture.

Q) Is Tokyo good for a honeymoon?

A) Yes, Tokyo is an amazing destination for a honeymoon. It mixes rich culture and tradition with modern luxury experiences. Couples can enjoy world-class hotels, dining, shopping, sites, and day trips from the city.

Q) Is Tokyo a honeymoon destination?

A) Yes, Tokyo is a popular honeymoon destination. It offers modern luxury, endless entertainment, and cultural sights that appeal to newlywed couples. Tokyo has convenient transport, safety, varied hotels, and unique honeymoon activities.

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