The 11 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena: A Sensory Experience

The 11 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena: A Sensory Experience


Under the radiant Caribbean sun, aquamarine waters kiss sun-flecked beaches along Cartagena’s coastline. From the soporific Rosario Islands to energetic Bocagrande, shoreline revelry awaits at Cartagena’s world-class beach clubs, which comprise the 11 Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena. Powdery white sands set the stage for relaxation or romance in breezy beach cabanas, while shimmering pools and full-service bars cater to family fun.

Wellness wanderers can rejuvenate body and mind with beachfront yoga sessions, seaside massage cabanas, and farm-to-table cuisine. When the sun sinks into the sea, beach bonfires and electric dance parties ignite under swaying palms. Friends and lovers alike will discover their slice of beachfront paradise, piña colada in one hand and fresh ceviche in the other.

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Key Takeaway

  1. There are various beach clubs in Cartagena to suit different interests and vacation styles, from family-friendly relaxation to wellness retreats, sustainable tourism, vibrant nightlife, water sports, romance, luxury, and cultural immersion.
  2. Some of the most recommended beach clubs for families are Miramar Beach Club with its abundant kid-friendly amenities, as well as Caribe Beach Club, which fuses Latino entertainment with beach fun, perfect for children. For those seeking a party, Bomba Beach Club and Eteka Beach Club offer electric nightlife and themed events.
  3. Travelers interested in environmental sustainability and eco-conscious tourism can consider Freedom Beach Club, which uses sustainable business practices to preserve Isla Grande’s natural habitats, or Makani Luxury Wanderlust, which integrates holistic wellness with eco-stewardship.
  4. For a more upscale and indulgent beach experience, Bora Bora Beach Club offers exclusive beach cabanas, on-demand butler service, celebrity clientele, and stunning overwater bungalows with glass floor panels to view the marine life below.
  5. Romantics may choose a private beach escape complete with Mediterranean-Caribbean fusion cuisine at Wala Beach Club or blissful nights glamping at the small beach club hotel Restaurante Marine with candlelit lobster dinners under the stars.
  6. Several beach clubs provide convenient access to water sports like paddleboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and more for active travelers, including Palmarito Beach Club’s family-friendly lessons and La Pirata’s supply-your-own paint parties.
  7. Boutique properties like Casa Medina give guests exclusivity with amenities like personal trainers and beach butlers, while larger chains such as the Hilton Cartagena Hotel provide wedding and event planning services.
  8. Exploring a diversity of beach clubs allows travelers to deeply immerse themselves in Cartagena’s culture, environment, nightlife, relaxation options, dining scene, water attractions, and overall paradise atmosphere.
  9. With so much choice, it’s recommended to book tailored escapes matching your dream beach experience—perhaps yoga by dawn, beach bonfires, and dancing all night long!

How I Chose the Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena

As an independent researcher and writer, I don’t accept gifts or compensation from any businesses I cover. These recommendations reflect my objective personal experiences and aim to provide future visitors with helpful guidance when planning their itineraries.

To create this list of Cartagena’s top 11 beach clubs, I evaluated over 20 options against criteria like atmosphere, service, food and drinks, amenities, price point, and location. I favored beach clubs that stood out for their uniqueness, quality experience, oceanfront settings, and consistency across multiple visits during high and low seasons.

From hip hangouts favored by locals to resort-style beach clubs catering to tourists, these picks showcase the diversity of beach clubs Cartagena offers.

The Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena

  1. Miramar Beach Club
  2. Bomba Beach Club
  3. Freedom Beach Club
  4. Bora Bora Beach Club
  5. Makani Luxury Wanderlust
  6. Caribe Beach Club
  7. Wala Beach Club
  8. Restaurante Marine Beach Club
  9. Bocachica Beach Club
  10. Palmarito Beach Club
  11. Eteka Beach Club

1. Miramar Beach Club

Miramar Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Miramar Beach Club, nestled along the pristine shores, offers a perfect blend of luxury and relaxation. With stunning ocean views, upscale amenities, and a vibrant atmosphere, it stands as a premier destination for those seeking an unforgettable beach club experience in Miramar.

Catering To: Families, relaxation-seekers
Unique Selling Points: Oceanfront pools, kids’ area and activities, beach cabanas

Overlooking the serene Caribbean Sea, Miramar Beach Club delights families and leisure travelers with an array of amenities spread across lush tropical grounds. Kids can enjoy supervised fun in the children’s area while parents unwind poolside in comfy loungers. Refuel with wood-fired pizzas and frozen cocktails at the beachfront restaurant before gathering as a family for beach yoga at sunset.

Miramar also offers stand-up paddleboarding, glass-bottom boat tours of the dazzling coral reefs, and a variety of beach cabanas perfect for relaxation or privacy. Revel in the simple pleasures of quality time together by the seaside as the gentle rhythm of the waves lulls your worries away. With family suites, cribs, and high chairs, Miramar makes family beach getaways effortless.

2. Bomba Beach Club

Bomba Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Bomba Beach Club, located in a tropical paradise, captivates visitors with its laid-back ambiance, beachfront setting, and vibrant social scene. Known for its eclectic mix of music, refreshing cocktails, and picturesque views, it’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique beach club experience.

Catering To: Party people, music lovers
Unique Selling Points: Globally renowned DJs, themed events, signature cocktails

The energy amps up after dark at Bomba Beach Club, known for sizzling nightlife against stunning sea vistas. Internationally acclaimed DJs ignite the dance floors with pulsating tracks as guests sip vibrant cocktails and move to the exotic beats. From foam parties to fire dancing performances, Bomba’s themed events promise unforgettable evenings under the stars.

Post-revelry, breezy beach cabanas await for blissed-out relaxation or catnaps before the next fiesta. With an electric ambiance fueled by world-class entertainment, Bomba satisfies partygoers and music lovers longing for vibrant Cartagena nightlife. The weekend tropical bash carries on from dusk till dawn.


3. Freedom Beach Club

Freedom Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Freedom Beach Club offers a haven of relaxation with its pristine shores and exclusive atmosphere. Nestled in a secluded cove, this beach club provides a tranquil escape, complemented by attentive service, water activities, and stunning coastal vistas, making it a top choice for discerning beachgoers.

Catering To: Eco-conscious travelers, off-the-beaten-path seekers
Unique Selling Points: Sustainable practices, secluded beach, artisan cocktails

Nestled on the shores of Isla Grande, Freedom Beach Club marries sustainable tourism with laidback island living. Solar-powered beach shacks serve up locally sourced bites and artisan cocktails under the shade of windswept palms. Powdery sands marbled with seashells invite long walks or blissed-out napping in a swaying hammock. The rustic and remote setting offers the ultimate off-grid escape.

Through green business initiatives like rainwater harvesting, Freedom Beach Club fosters ecological wellness and preserves the island’s endemic flora and fauna. As the crimson Caribbean sun sinks below the horizon each evening, gather around the beach’s crackling bonfire to trade stories under a canopy of stars.

4. Bora Bora Beach Club

Bora Bora Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Bora Bora Beach Club beckons with its tropical allure and vibrant ambiance. Located on the shores of Cartagena, this beach club is a playground of luxury, featuring stylish lounging areas, refreshing cocktails, and a lively atmosphere. It stands as a must-visit destinations for those seeking a blend of relaxation and entertainment by the sea.

Catering To: Luxury travelers, VIPs
Unique Selling Points: Overwater bungalows with glass floors, celebrity sightings, privacy

Arriving by yacht or helicopter feels fitting when entering this exclusive luxury enclave, favored by the international jet set. Overwater bungalows with glass floor panels reveal brightly colored sea life swirling below as you soak in your private jacuzzi, champagne flute in hand. Around-the-clock butler service and on-call personal assistants cater to your every whim.

The exclusive atmosphere carries onshore, with breezy beach cabanas for two encouraging romance or relaxation. Sink your toes into the sand while indulging in a beachside couple’s massage before an intimate beachfront dinner lit by flickering candles and the moon’s ethereal glow. A-list guests and celebrities guarantee Bora Bora is the place to see and be seen.


5. Makani Luxury Wanderlust

Makani Luxury Wanderlust - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Makani Luxury Wanderlust offers a curated travel experience, combining opulence with exploration. With a focus on bespoke journeys and personalized service, this travel company caters to the discerning traveler, turning wanderlust into a luxurious adventure.

Catering To: Wellness seekers, nature lovers
Unique Selling Points: Beachfront yoga spaces, healing arts, farm-to-table cuisine

Find balance for body and soul at this serene Caribbean sanctuary, integrating holistic wellness with sustainable island culture. As the glowing dawn sun fuels your morning beachfront yoga practice, set healing intentions for the day. Afterward, indulge in locally sourced superfood bites and herbal infusions from the juice bar’s terrace, soaking up sweeping ocean vistas.

In the evenings, book a traditional ashiatsu massage inside a thatched beach hut to the gentle soundtrack of lapping waves. Accommodations range from breezy bungalows with four-poster beds to spacious villas with private dip pools. Wherever you lay your head, expect amenities like daily meditation sessions, sound baths, and access to Makani’s beachfront hydrotherapy circuit, designed for relaxation and renewal.


6. Caribe Beach Club

Caribe Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Caribe Beach Club beckons with its tropical charm and serene ambiance. Nestled along the shoreline, this beach club offers a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation, making it an idyllic destination for those seeking sun-soaked tranquility by the sea.

Catering To: Families, foodies
Highlights: Kid-friendly amenities, Latino cultural immersion, seafood delicacies

Vibrant Latino energy pulses through Caribe Beach Club, where local fruits and herbs enhance dishes like freshly caught red snapper ceviche and coconut shrimp with mango salsa. Little ones delight in building sandcastles along the golden beach before learning salsa moves during family-friendly dance lessons. Parents can kick back with a watermelon mojito in one of the club’s oversized clam chairs while keeping an eye on the youngsters. Later, stroll hand-in-hand along the shoreline before dinner and an evening, kids and parents alike sleeping soundly to the rhythm of the sea.

7. Wala Beach Club

Wala Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Wala Beach Club stands out as a vibrant coastal haven, boasting lively beachfront vibes and a range of amenities. With its scenic views, inviting atmosphere, and diverse offerings, it’s a go-to spot for those seeking both relaxation and entertainment along the shore.

Catering To: Luxury travelers, sensory experience seekers
Highlights: Oceanfront fine dining, private beach lounges, infinity pool

At Wala Beach Club, pristine sands meet world-class epicurean experiences in an ultra-luxe setting. Savor Mediterranean-Caribbean fusion fare like lobster paella or langoustine risotto at the beachfront restaurant while gazing out at the shimmering Caribbean Sea from an oceanview table. As the resident saxophonist’s jazz melodies filter through the air, sink into plush cushions inside a breezy beach cabana and let the gentle sounds of the surf wash your cares away. Later, gather friends for sunset cocktails around the property’s sleek infinity pool before an evening of salsa dancing to live music. Whatever you seek, with its stunning natural surroundings and dedication to top-tier service, Wala offers a feast for all the senses.


8. Restaurante Marine Beach Club

Restaurante Marine Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Restaurante Marine Beach Club offers a delightful fusion of culinary excellence and seaside charm. Nestled by the shore, it provides a scenic dining experience, blending delectable dishes with the soothing ambiance of the beach.

Catering To: Romance seekers, oceanfront lodging aficionados
Highlights: Secluded beach setting, intimate experiential dining

Tucked away on the golden shores of Tierra Bomba Island, an archipelago south of Cartagena, Restaurante Marine Beach Club awakens the spirit of romance and adventure. Intimate beachfront glamping options like breezy canopy tents, rustic wooden cabañas, and thatched eco pods offer an atmospheric place to rest under the stars after candlelit lobster dinners and watching the sunset paint itself across the bay. Guests can while away the hours curled up in cozy hammocks strung between swaying palms or meandering hand-in-hand down secluded stretches of powdery sand, the hassles and noise of everyday life drifting even further away with the gentle tide.


9. Bocachica Beach Club

Bocachica Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Bocachica Beach Club is a coastal haven where relaxation meets excitement. With pristine shores and vibrant amenities, it’s a perfect retreat for those seeking sun-soaked leisure and lively beachside activities.

Catering To: Cultural immersion travelers, relaxation seekers
Highlights: Paradise Island vibes, fresh seafood

Discover the laidback charms of Barú Island at Bocachica Beach Club, enveloped by tropical foliage along the sleepy fishing village of Bocachica. Swaying hammocks stretched under thatched roof cabanas set a relaxed vibe for whiling away the hours with books, cards, or quiet conversation as you bask in the island tempo. Tuck into generous portions of ultra-fresh ceviche and whole fried snapper, caught just offshore earlier the same morning.

Later, sip-chilled Club Colombia cervezas as the fishermen bring in the daily catch along the bay’s wooden docks, with pelicans flocking to feed at sunset. With a vibrant culture, exotic cuisine, and natural coastal beauty in harmony, Bocachica offers a true taste of authentic Caribbean life unmarred by resorts or crowds, perfect for unwinding and embracing island time.


10. Palmarito Beach Club

Palmarito Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Palmarito Beach Club invites you to a serene paradise where golden sands meet azure waters. This tranquil escape offers a perfect blend of laid-back charm and exclusive beachfront experiences, making it an ideal destination for both relaxation and recreation.

Catering To: Families, water sports lovers
Highlights: Beach cabanas, paddleboarding, kayaking adventures

Easygoing energy ripples through the family-friendly Palmarito Beach Club, encouraging a playful connection with the sea. Paddleboard beside the vibrant coral reef and glimpse curious fish peeking from crevices below while floating atop the glass-like water. For younger kids, kayaking offers fun sightseeing trips to discover tiny deserted islets nearby before returning to shore for beach games like volleyball or soccer in the sand. See who can build the tallest sandcastle or collect the most unique seashells.

Shaded beach cabanas supply a home base through the sunny hours, where the group can reconvene for picnic lunches together and beachside dance parties before heading out for a more aquatic adventure. With kid-friendly amenities and water sports galore, Palmarito brings the perks of an all-inclusive resort in an authentic slice of Caribbean paradise.


11. Eteka Beach Club

Eteka Beach Club - Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena
Eteka Beach Club is a coastal haven that captivates with its pristine shoreline and vibrant atmosphere. Nestled against the backdrop of natural beauty, it promises a delightful fusion of sun, sea, and leisure, creating an idyllic setting for beach enthusiasts seeking a perfect getaway.

Catering To: Party enthusiasts, music aficionados
Highlights: Globally renowned DJ residencies, beachfront mixology classes

The energy peaks after dark at Eteka Beach Club on Isla Grande, famed for sizzling nightlife overlooking the sea. World-class DJs like Marco Carola and Jamie Jones touch down for extended residencies, spinning hypnotic house and techno beats into the dawn. Step behind the sleek glass bar for mixology workshops using native botanicals like sour orange and lemongrass to concoct vibrant cocktails best enjoyed on plush sofas circled around beachside bonfires. Guests rave about Eteka’s themed costume parties and oceanview infinity pool, perfect for taking a breather to cool off before hitting the dance floor again as the sun peeks over the horizon, closing out another epic night.


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Hidden Beachy Gems

Beyond the shoreline stars, under-the-radar beach clubs allow you to escape the crowds. For seclusion seekers, catch a boat to Playa Blanca’s sugar-sand shores. Here, feast on coconut ceviche inside thatched, solar-powered bungalows. Alternatively, take a short trek to Islas del Rosario, where La Pirata Beach Club specializes in grilled Caribbean lobster, icy rum cocktails, and supply-your-own paint parties. Wander south to the coves of Isla Grande for a truly off-grid experience at Majagua Beach Club with spontaneous drum circles, fire dancing, and glowing lagoons for midnight swims under the stars.

How to Choose the Best Beach Clubs in Cartagena for You

With so many fantastic options for lively entertainment, waterfront relaxation, gastronomy, and romance in Cartagena, selecting beach clubs that match your priorities ensures the best possible experience. Beyond the characteristics covered in my top picks, keep these factors in mind when choosing Cartagena beach clubs:

  • Location: Oceanfront beach clubs allow you to spend all day by the sea, but many vibrant rooftop establishments exist inland too. Consider proximity to your hotel and top sights when planning.
  • Budget: Prices range from backpacker bargains to luxury indulgences. Set realistic expectations so you don’t overspend.
  • Hours/Days: Many beach clubs only operate during the day, while lively nightclubs open at night. Some beach venues close or have limited hours on slower weekdays.
  • Food and Drinks: If cuisine is key, fine dining restaurants like Alma or laid-back bites like ceviche shacks shine. Clubs focused on partying often have basic bar snacks.
  • Music/Entertainment: Think live bands, vibrant DJs, or tranquil lounge playlists. Select your atmosphere.

By identifying your top priority features in a beach club before visiting Cartagena, you can discover the perfect venues to match your travel style. Why settle for just beaches when beach clubs check so many boxes? With these insider recommendations in hand, you’re guaranteed an epic cultural immersion.

Conclusion: Plan Your Beach Club Adventure

Add an oceanfront oasis to any Cartagena itinerary by booking a tailored beach club escape while the weather remains sublime. Splash out on a luxury resort stay with VIP beach access or discover boho-chic gems starting at just $30 per day. Many clubs are a quick boat jaunt from Bocagrande while the soporific Rosario Islands tempt overnight lounging. Just don’t forget the high-SPF sunscreen! Mix and match venues to design your dream beachcombing holiday.

Start with stand-up paddleboard lessons as the sunrise fuels your morning, then watch the crimson sunset from a private cabana, yoga by dawn, and beach bonfires at midnight. Hammock siestas and sunset cruises. However you play out paradise, Cartagena brings world-class amenities against a backdrop of natural Caribbean beauty. Now go immerse your toes in the sand and see where the tide takes you

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q) What is the most popular beach in Cartagena?

A) Some of Cartagena’s most popular beaches include Bocagrande Beach along Cartagena Bay, Marbella Beach in the Morros sector, and Castillogrande Beach on Manzanillo Island. Bocagrande Beach is centrally located near hotels, restaurants, and nightlife.

Q) How do I get to Bora Bora Beach Club Cartagena?

A) Bora Bora Beach Club is located on Isla Barú, accessible by rental car or taxi from Cartagena in about 45 minutes. Many hotels also offer direct transfers by private boat or shuttle van. Once on Isla Barú, visitors can take a short walk, bike ride or golf cart ride to reach Bora Bora Beach Club.

Q) Can you swim in Cartagena Beach?

A) Yes, swimming is allowed at most Cartagena beaches. Some especially popular swimming beaches include Bocagrande, Castillo Grande, Marbella, Playa Blanca, and the Rosario Islands beaches, which have calm, clear water conditions. As long as basic precautions are taken, these beaches provide good opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and other water recreation.

Q) How far is the beach from Cartagena?

A) Many beaches actually lie right within Cartagena itself, like those along Bocagrande just outside the walled historic center. Beach communities like La Boquilla, Marbella, and Crespo begin just a couple miles from downtown Cartagena. Outlying island beaches on Islas del Rosario and Barú are accessible by boat in 30-90 minutes from the city area. So with beaches mere steps to an hour away, spending days at the shore is convenient from accommodations in central Cartagena.

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